Thursday, November 13, 2014

Omega Block

This is what happens when a snowman meets offroad vehicle. 

The first snow of the season up North. 
Meanwhile young children are out playing and singing in the snow. 

And today my Princess celebrates her birthday. Happy Birthday Fallon. 

Even though Omega Block is trying to destroy us, we will be leaving up North for warmer climes. It's been a tough year for the family that's left me staring at the loss, but if life were meant to be a utopia we'd live on a sailing yacht in the Caribbean. Once back in Flori-duh we'll finish up work on the boat while we spend time with Grandpa. A few more days and we'll be well upon our way. See you guys soon!  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Father, My Hero

 They say you pick your family and your circumstances before you set foot on this beautiful earth.  We all have paths we are meant to follow and lessons to learn throughout our journey as we grow.  Every hardship translates into an opportunity.   
  I know why I chose my dad.   He is everything I could ever hope for; a brilliant mind, a peaceful heart, a loving soul.  He provided me with an ideallic childhood, supported me during my teenage angst, and has always been there to help me through my adult years.  I am blessed. 
  My Dad and I are about to set off on a new path together.   I don't know what lies around the bend but I know I am gonna hold onto his hand and together we can do anything.  
  I love you Dad.  Everything is gonna be okay.  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Home Stretch

Some of the new chainplates. 

As I type this the final touches are being done to our home. Interior paneling going back in. Chain plates reinstalled. And the final bow chain plate is being machined. The cost of this one plate was more than all the others combined. 

But it only has to be done once. The mast is also finished. All new rig and two new Harken furlers. I can't wait to shake everything down. 

We hired an extra guy to speed things along. This individual will be doing hull prep for the eventual paint which will save us a few days labor on the front side. Once we get back to the boat, it will be dewaxed, sanded, and ready for paint, both top side and bottom. All we'll need to do is roll and tip the new polyurethane and mop on two extra coats of ablative, let her cure for a couple days, then splash. 

We've been tossing around the idea of renaming the boat since the old name is coming off anyway. When it is all done, she'll be a whole new color with new boot stripe, and vinyl lettering instead of the crooked painted name that's currently on there. 

It's been too long. Originally I figured these projects might take two months but we are coming up on 5. It makes me anxious. Another few weeks though and mission accomplished. Just in time for the season. We will still have some odds and ends to do before heading out, but since we are sailing to the Keys first, I will have time to finish these small tasks myself. 

We are waiting to purchase a new central AC unit as they are cheaper during the winter months. I am changing out the old solar charge regulator for a modern MPPT type with a remote display. And the new wind generator still has to be mounted. 

One final option is a desalination plant which I am actively contemplating. The prices on these things are over the top but the boat is already plumbed for one and with three kids, I can't imagine not having one. Until now we have enjoyed an Atmospheric Water Generator which provides drinking water from the air, but these units only make about 8 gallons per day. It's enough for drinking, but not for showering, laundry, and dishes. Hopefully a good deal will present itself before we voyage far. 

This is how she looks now. I'll post new pics soon of the new paint job.