Monday, October 27, 2014

Fun with FALL

Lately, we...  

Loaded up on beefy pumpkins... 

Went on a hayride or two...

Enjoyed a TRICK-or-TREAT session... With more to come...

Finished fall soccer...

And burned some leaves to tidy Dayma's yard.  

Ahhh... The joys of fall.  

Poppa's Story

As our children will look back on these posts in later years and remember these moments, I wanted to say a few words to them that their grandfather would have if he were he here.  We were blessed to be with him during his last days.

Kayden, "you will knock someone out with your first punch.  You are strong, baby."  Poppa enjoyed training you to be a boxer and captivating you with his stories.  

Fallon, "Miss Michigan".  You were Poppa's beauty queen and angel.  Poppa couldn't get enough of your sweet smile and precious way.  You received his last hand squeeze.  

Kai, Poppa would tell me you reminded him "of how he was as a little boy".  He loved when you would come into his room and want to check out his treasures or just sit with him and watch cartoons. 

And for you all, "just remember you're good lookin'!"

Remember playing harmonicas with Poppa, watching Poppa draw and getting lessons, receiving your own twenty dollar bills from Poppa, taking Poppa to see his doctors, decorating for Poppa, visiting Poppa at RaeAnne, listening to Poppa's stories, songs, jokes, and silly words like "bobba dooba", and all the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners we ate beside Poppa.

know it seems lonely without him here and you are learning a big life lesson as you process Poppa leaving us for heaven.  Poppa will always love you and watch over you.  Best of all, Poppa can be with Uncle Matti again.  

David Rufus Luhta aka Karhu (the bear), age 82, went on to heaven Friday, October 24, 2014.  
     Born June 13, 1932 to John and Edna Luhta of Fairport, Ohio, Dave roamed the beach, frequented libraries, and rode ponies in his youth.  He moved to Painesville when he was twelve, where his athleticism shined and he brought the State Champion Mile Record home to Harvey High School.   
     After graduation, he became a Ranger in the Army during the Korean Conflict.  He loved the appreciation strangers would express to him when he wore his Korean Veteran hat.  
     A man of many careers from brick layer to carpenter, janitor, newspaper reporter, deckhand, and policeman, his favorite was teaching and coaching in the Ashtabula area.  Dave touched many lives and maintained friendships with many of his former students.  
     He was blessed with nine amazing children, Poppa to nine precious grandchildren, and found his soulmate in Susan "for a moment of forever".  They resided in Haywood Beach, Saybrook Township, where "the weather was always perfect... Heaven on earth".
     Full of songs to sing and stories to share, he was one of a kind.  Dave loved a house full of activity, phone calls, superfluous vocabulary words, OSU football, Hemmingway, self-created expressions, the VCR, Willie Nelson, and Bologna sandwiches.  He marched to his own beat and made sure he always did things his way.
     Dave leaves behind his devoted wife of 44 years, Susan, and their children Lars David (Adrienne), Gunar David (Jenny), Klaus David (Krista), and Susanna Eileen (Scott).  Poppa will be missed by grandchildren Leah, Alyssa, Kayden, Fallon, Soren, Kai, and Finn.  
     Dave is also survived by his former wife, Lucille Dolce, and their children, David Rufus Jr (Patty), Johnathan Joseph, Christopher Robin, and Cynthia Joyce Luhta Reed and grandchildren, Eric (Leslie) and Adam (Sarah).      
     He also leaves behind his brothers, Fabian and Ray, sister, Enid Anderson, sister-in-law, Connie Luhta, many nieces and nephews, and best friend, Roger Freeman.
     He was preceded in death by his parents, John and Edna, sister, Elna Kristensen, brothers, Harvey and  Adolph, Uncle Rufus Tenkku, and son, Mattias David.  
     A private family memorial is being planned for summer 2015.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

So Long Old Friend.

Today my Father passed away. He was a Ranger in Korea, a cop, a sailor, a teacher, and a great Dad. He could run a 100 yards in under 10 seconds. I saw him cry one time, when my older brother left for Navy Boot Camp and Nuclear Power Training School. I saw him drink one time, with me when I graduated Army Boot Camp and Recon Training. In a dark world, my dad was a lantern on the hill. Kids from all walks of life gravitated towards him for fatherly advice and a kind ear. I'll miss you old man. See ya at the cross roads. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thoughts On Living

Clich├ęs aside, it is SO important to live each day to the fullest.  You DO NOT know if tomorrow things could change in an instant.  It is your biggest responsibility to NOT WASTE THE TIME YOU HAVE HERE.  

So we shall pick apples.  

And we shall build teepees.  

And we shall miss loved ones.  

And we shall spend time in the ICU as Poppa Bear fights the fight of his life.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Adventure within Adventure

The timeline for our return trip to Florida, and our floating home, has run amock. By this point we should have been sailing along and enjoying the tropical sun once more. But here we are, watching the leaves turn and the temperatures drop, as we tend to ever developing family ailments. No complaints though, there are reasons for everything. So as we tread water here in the Great White North, there are other adventures to be had. 
A little bit of equestrian stuff is always fun. I prefer ATV's personally, but these will do for now. 

Then we found a great new daycare so we could have some Mom & Dad time.

And could you believe it snowed up here already?  

One of our favorite hobbies is Geocaching. All around the country are hidden caches of gifts and other assorted items stashed in trees, under park benches, deep in the woods, or maybe in your own back yard. The relative positions of these hidden treasures are captured online and via various websites or apps you can access the locations with a latitude and longitude. We grab a hand held GPS or just use a smart device to navigate our way to one of these locations. It's a blast for the kids and great exercise for their elderly parents. 
The kids will trade out various items, we sign a logbook to stake our victorious find, and then enter the progress online. 
Geocaching can take you anywhere. Some caches are for advanced seekers while others are more intermediate for when the kids are involved. 

And then there were ducks. 

And playgrounds. 

And thats about it for now. New ETA to Florida, early November. Always an eye on the horizon.