Friday, December 5, 2014

Release the Kraken!

As the Great Lakes shipping season winds down this year I've been afforded an inordinate amount time off the tug. One full month. It seems like a pipe dream and I can't wait to board the flight home in a few days.  After 256 days at sea this year I'm ready to put in some more time sailing, just on our own boat. 

Last I wrote, we were heading south to Florida. We arrived quickly and safely thanks to the Waze App and proceeded to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather as we got organized and regrouped. 

I began some projects on Refuge but quickly gave up due to time restraints, then hired the boat yard to complete that work for us.  The prices were good for the excellent job they do and hopefully things are complete by the time I return from this rotation.  We are anxious to get the boat back in the water and underway.  

The kids are enjoying time with their Grands and while we handle some family issues we thought it would be wise to put them back in school. After two years of homeschool they breezed through their placement exams and will have to redo a lot of curriculum they've already covered at home. But our primary concern was having them back with their buddies. In the blink of an eye life has become a whirlwind of sports, field trips, homework, new video games, new books, birthday parties, play dates, etc... which means Jenny is in her element managing those things as well as caring for her folks. 

This beach is actually in Michigan. Looks very similar to many beaches in Florida. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Fork In The Road

It was November 10th when I received the phone call.  We were dropping off movies at the video store and a text came through that my dad needed to talk.   Deep breath.   I knew something was amiss and he had the task of informing me.  Never did I imagine that the something amiss would have anything to do with him.  

Upon a visit to the urgent care for arm pain, a mass was discovered in his lung.   

We packed up shop in Ohio and set south in a frenzy.  

For all who do not know, my father and I are very close.  He comes and visits us often, sometimes staying for over a month at a time.   Many former marina neighbors can attest to his gentle presence.  He has experienced our adventures with us and sees the beauty in what we do.

So this is the reason for our silence. 

I am the caretaker.   The kids are the light bringers.  G is the support system.   We are playing critical roles during a time of much uncertainty.  

Diagnostics are being performed this week.   

Cancer sucks.